Why J. K. Rowling
should stop

I was listening to J. K. Rowling on Radio 4 this morning. She was talking about her new book  –  a book for adults. She didn’t have to write it, she said. She had nothing to prove. And she didn’t need the money  –  the profits from Harry Potter mean that she never has to worry about paying the bills ever again. For some reason, this reminded me of Nigella Lawson and her new cookery series with accompanying cookbook. Here, again, is another very successful woman who a) doesn’t need to prove she’s a good cook, and b) doesn’t need the money. (Although obviously I am not privy to the secrets of her financial affairs. But I would be surprised if she had sleepless nights over the gas bill.)  All this leaves me to think  –  Joanna, Nigella, if you don’t need to prove anything, and you don’t need the money, could you give someone else a turn?  So lovely when those who are successful usher in new talent. Pass on the Olympic torch. Stop hogging the limelight. I could go on.

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