True blue

What an extraordinary amount of blue on the new British uniforms for the Olympic athletes. Blue, blue, blue. (With the odd splash of white. And red shoes.) Stella McCartney, who designed it all, said, ‘I wanted the kit to be British, but understated, not ridiculous.’ But is a wash of blue British? Blue is normally associated with the Tory party, Margaret Thatcher, David Osborne making his Budget speech, etc. You can’t help wondering, with the Coalition government in power, whether we’re now seeing everything through Conservative eyes. It’s like squinting through a blue filter. There’s the Duchess of Cambridge with her sapphire engagement ring. There’s Samantha Cameron in her blue evening gown. I am, as you know, enormously fond of the bluebells in Four-Mile Wood. But I am tempted, frankly, to switch my allegiance to snowdrops.

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