Top ten tips for PTA cake sales

As you know, I used to be chair of St Jude’s PTA. (For an account of the highs and lows of that turbulent year, please see The Handbook button at the top of this website.) Regular cake sales are the cornerstone of PTA fundraising, so I thought I would pass on my top ten tips. All common sense, really.

  1. Arrange a lot of publicity  –  a reminder a week beforehand, posters by the school gates, flyers in the book bags, etc
  2. Ask teachers to remind children to bring in money the day before
  3. Have lots of helpers, and make them wear aprons (looks as if you’ve thought about Health and Safety)
  4. Get hold of a huge amount of small change  –  it’s amazing how many thoughtless parents and carers expect you to be able to change £20 notes
  5. Have plenty of chocolate on sale  –  the more, the better
  6. Remember that what sells most quickly are small cakes and biscuits with thick icing and lavish decoration (silver balls, hundreds and thousands, jelly diamonds, etc)
  7. Cut tray bakes or whole cakes into very small pieces. It’s easier for small hands to hold (and makes more money)
  8. If something is shop-bought, put it on a pretty plate so that it looks home-made, and sprinkle with chocolate buttons to make it look more appealing
  9. Have someone efficient to move the children along when they’ve bought their brownies, fairy cakes and slices of chocolate log. Otherwise they just stand there in a sugar daze and no one else can get to the table
  10. Sell small cartons of orange juice. This reassures the mothers appalled by vast quantities of lurid food colouring

Any more tips? Please post below.


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