To smack or not to smack

Oh, for a moment there I was tempted! So tempted! This must be how the head of PR for the Church of Scientology feels about Katie Holmes, how Andrew Tyrie felt about the evasive Bob Diamond, how the Staffordshire police felt about the man on a Megabus with the fake cigarette. For a moment, I wanted to give my five-year-old son a sharp slap. Because I was angry. Because Robin had driven me just too far. Because I wanted to pull rank and show who was boss.

You will be delighted to hear that I managed to restrain myself. Possibly because I caught sight of Mary the vicar at the end of the high street and was immediately reminded that forgiveness is better than retribution. And also because I remembered that banning TV after school is a more effective punishment.

Have you ever been tempted to smack your child?


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