Why I wrote it

Why did I write How I Seized Power: A Handbook for Leaders Everywhere? My motivation was simple.

Knowledge is precious. Not everyone has the skills or the experience to lead a social revolution. And yet ‘public service’ is vital. (How else, frankly, can the ‘Big Society’ operate?)

I resolved, after my first year as chair of St Jude’s PTA, to pass on everything I had learned in order to ease the progress of similarly high-minded individuals anxious to ‘give something back’ to the community at large.

The handbook is, if you like, a political memoir.

But, more than this, it is a practical guide to the art of leadership. After all, no one – whether serving on a parish council or wandering the corridors of power –  can afford to ignore the rules of engagement.

Be inspired. Nothing is beyond your reach. As Tony Blair said in Sedgefield in 2007, ‘Politics may be the art of the possible; but at least, in life, give the impossible a go.’

Please click ‘Audio files’ or ‘The first chapter’, above, to get a taste of the book. For information about future publishing plans, click ‘Access a copy’.

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