The scope of the work

To give you an idea of the breadth and vision of  ‘How I Seized Power: A Handbook for Leaders Everywhere’, I offer here a quick resumé  of the chapter headings. These are:

Chapter One:  My Vision                                                               

Chapter Two:  The Journey Begins                                                

Chapter Three:  Hustings                                                                 

Chapter Four:  The Election                                                             

Chapter Five:  We Roll Up Our Sleeves                                         

Chapter Six:  The Christmas Fayre                                                 

Chapter Seven:  Crisis Management                                            

Chapter Eight:  Quiz Night                                                            

Chapter Nine: The Auction of Promises                                      

Chapter Ten:  Backstabbing                                                           

Chapter Eleven:  The May Fayre                                                   

Chapter Twelve: Betrayal                                                               

Chapter Thirteen: The Summer BBQ                                            

Chapter Fourteen: Resolution 

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