The handbook

Those of you who would like to know more about my meteoric rise to power on the PTA of St Jude’s primary school in Fitton might like to read my account of that turbulent year  –  How I Seized Power: A Handbook for Leaders Everywhere. (Please refer to ‘Why I wrote it’ for a fuller description of the passion behind the project.) The first chapter of the book is, as you can see, available from this website, or you can listen to audio clips of excerpts from chapters one, five and six.

I am starting to find the world of ‘online communication’ quite entertaining. It is, quite frankly, amazing that one website can carry so much  –  words, sound, pictures.

In the beginning I felt overwhelmed.  It’s like wandering into John Lewis and being momentarily paralysed by the realisation that you can buy everything from mops to make-up under one roof. But once you regain your courage, the excitement from the multiplicity of choices is quite electrifying. I strongly recommend it.

Do catch Berta if you need help with ‘blogging’. Her rates are quite reasonable.

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