The case for gay marriage

‘So what do you think about gay marriage?’  I asked Mary, our vicar, this morning.

She smiled and said, ‘Why?’

(In my opinion, it’s not good manners to answer a question with a question.)

‘Where does the Church of England stand on the issue?’ I said.

Mary’s glasses are so sparklingly clean that you can see her expression very clearly.

She said, ‘So we’re talking theoretically?’

Mary is normally quite direct. So this made me wonder whether, in fact, there is a gay couple in Fitton asking to be married in church.

If so, would you like to put your case on this website? I often listen to the Moral Maze on Radio 4, and would so like a similarly intellectual standard of discussion in Fitton.

Civil partnership, after all  – though admirable in so many ways  – is not a religious ceremony, and I can quite understand why some would prefer to make their vows in St Jude’s.

Berta and I do not agree on this issue. Discussion became quite heated on Monday night, and we have resolved not to discuss it further.

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