South Yorkshire police cut costs

I hear on Radio 4 this morning that South Yorkshire police plan to cut costs by getting rid of bobbies on the beat. There will, instead, be Community Support Officers providing the public face of policing. (Those are the rather nervous ones in yellow jackets that you sometimes see near London parks. They always travel about in pairs, like gloves, or earrings.)

We hardly ever see any police officers in Fitton, so a switch to PCSOs probably wouldn’t make much difference.

But you do wonder about the general principle of providing approximations instead of the real thing. It’s a bit like eating a biscuit with all the fat and sugar taken out  –  a bright idea that ends up making everyone feel vaguely cheated.

I can’t help feeling that the Royal Mail will go the same way. One day we’ll be asked to pay £5.50 for a small envelope to travel to Birmingham some time next winter and we’ll think, is this a real postal service? Or just a surreal fantasy?

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