Would you smack your child?

The next meeting of Fitton Book Club is on Friday 24 February (please email or ‘tweet’ me for further details). We will be reading The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas. I believe it concerns a father who loses control and smacks his son.

(This is, as you know, something of a departure for us. But I feel that ‘modern’ literature can play a vital role. A little while ago, every woman I know was reading Eat, Pray, Love, which must have boosted church attendance considerably.)

The MP David Lammy has spoken out in support of physical chastisement. He says that the riots in the summer may have been caused by parents’ unwillingness to smack their children.

Personally, I have never smacked Robin. To be completely honest, this may be because he always leaves the scene of a crime with such incredible speed that I have never been able to catch up with him.

But, in this year of the British Olympics, I think we have to see this as a positive contribution to sport.

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