Petrol crisis

Annie Laurence has cancelled Easter. She was going camping with her sister in Wales, but they’re worried about the petrol strike.

‘But they’re not striking over Easter,’ I said.

‘That’s what they say,’ she said. ‘But I’m not going to risk being stuck up a mountain with six kids.’

Everyone I speak to in Fitton is conserving fuel. Visits to far-flung family are being postponed. The garden centre beyond the bypass was practically deserted when I visited on Sunday.

But I can’t see how this will last. We have Tesco Metro, of course. But you have to get into your car to go to Waitrose.

‘I suppose we’ve always got the train,’ I said to Berta.

‘What you train for?’ she said.

‘I’m not training for anything,’ I said.

‘Well, you should,’ she said. ‘You get fat.’

The words ‘pot’ and ‘kettle’ come to mind.

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