My selfless service to the community

So much voluntary work goes unrewarded. It’s hidden work by unseen hands. I certainly felt, as the inspirational leader of St Jude’s PTA, that I never quite got the recognition I deserved.

Mothers generally, of course, are rarely rewarded. Sometimes, picking Lego from the ever-sucking Dyson, I wonder where I get the strength to continue.

Only the other day the lovely Urmila in Fitton Chemist, clearly anxious that I was pushing myself too hard, said, ‘Have you ever considered letting others have a turn?’ But I can’t see how Fitton would operate without me. A quiet word here, a handwritten notice there  –  my behind-the-scenes interventions keep community life running smoothly.

I was reminded of this as I listened to Today on Radio 4. When Southampton plays Portsmouth, apparently, the police move heaven and earth to ensure that the warring football fans never meet. The only sign of their success is the absence of violent clashes.

That must be quite soul-destroying  – measuring your success by things not happening.

Although an absence of leaks might be a very good way to test the success of a water company.

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