Legal aid to
George Clooney

Considerable unease this week when Annie Laurence stopped me outside the dry cleaner’s. She said, ‘I read your blog.’ This was good news. You need a lively flow of traffic.

Then she said, ‘Why are you writing it?’

I said, ‘I should have thought that was obvious. It’s a community resource.’

Annie smiled. She has, as you know, very white and even teeth. She said, ‘Really? I thought you just liked being rude about people.’

Since that rather abrasive encounter, I have been re-reading recent posts and wondering whether any of my opinions might possibly have caused offence.

(This is the problem with society today. We are so busy pussyfooting around other people’s sensibilities that we never say exactly what we think.)

But like Steve Hilton, the PM’s former right-hand man, I am an ideas person.

Startling insights on subjects as diverse as legal aid, George Clooney’s sexuality, the Russian presidential elections, vandalism to Fitton’s only bus stop and the launch of knickers designed by Mary Portas all rush into my head with the frequency of nit alerts at St Jude’s.

I share them with you because I believe that open discussion is vital to a healthy democracy.

I cannot see how any of this could possibly be classed as ‘rude’.

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