I am. Are you?

I would just like to make it clear that the views and opinions expressed in these ‘blogs’ are entirely my own. I am independent of all political parties and all community groups. While I hope to be helpful to local residents, this ‘website’ is not the voice of the Fitton Preservation Society, St Jude’s (church or primary school) or even the Fitton Book Group. I do not, therefore, accept that Annie Laurence’s criticism is valid.

I notice that the ‘comment’ section at the end of my ‘blog entries’ has called itself ‘Speak Your Mind’. Not being entirely ‘au fait’ with the inner workings of CSS code, I am not quite sure how this happened. But I entirely approve. All of us should speak our minds. Strong opinions are vital to a healthy democracy.

If Annie Laurence would like to put her objections in writing, I will gladly publish them on the site. I believe in open and honest debate.

The Leveson enquiry would be proud.

Speak Your Mind