Hothousing children

I do believe children’s talents should be nurtured. When Robin splattered the off-white sofa covers with purple paint, for example, I took the long view and imagined him exhibiting at the Tate. But I’m less sure about the current passion for ‘hothousing’. Is it really necessary for a five-year-old to practise the violin for half an hour a day (I mention no names)? Should you force a pre-schooler to learn French, take up judo, perform pliés and practise arpeggios? (Again, I leave you to work out which Volvo-owner might be the culprit.)

 I was shocked to learn that there are children performing in the RSC‘s current hit show Matilda. When I was ten, I was tucked up in bed by 8pm every single night.

I believe it made me the woman I am today.


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