Dress for success

I hear that Annie Laurence is having a large party to celebrate her fortieth birthday. This might be unwise. If you make a big public show of having reached forty, everyone will forever afterwards remember that you’re over the hill. The US comedian Jackie Mason refused to give his age on Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs recently. He said it would make people listen to his jokes differently. ‘From a man of that age, it’s funny enough.’

I think he’s right. Never come clean about shoe size, weight or age.

Age discrimination in the workplace is, of course, rampant. David was keen for me to go back go back to work, and I did make enquiries about taking up my old career. (As you know, I worked in marketing strategy and brand development for a leading British pharmaceuticals company before I decided to devote myself full-time to Robin’s upbringing.) But I decided, on balance, to retrain as a colour consultant. Women returning to the workplace often lack confidence. I am able to offer advice about wardrobe choices. I suspect my Fitton neighbours may be a little nervous about contacting me, as my appointments diary has several spaces available. Please don’t hesitate. You don’t want to be flaunting yourself round Fitton in this spring’s pastels if they drain your complexion and give you the chalky-white appearance of an MP with a hangover. Bold colours may be preferable. Think Samantha Cameron and her fuchsia Ilincic blouse.

The British postal service being what it is (please see my previous post), I have not yet received my invitation to Annie Laurence’s party. I have, however, checked my diary and see that the evening of Saturday June 17 is currently free.

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