Do you care about
US politics?

Does anyone in Britain care about the US elections? I only ask because Radio 4’s Today programme has subjected me yet again to coverage of the ‘primaries’. I said to Berta, ‘Do you care about the President of the USA?’, and she said, ‘Who?’, but then she’s Polish, so I’m not sure that proves anything. The world would, of course, be a different place without Barack Obama (or BO, as he signs the tweets he’s written himself). But I would suggest that the grabber of column inches is usually his wife, the lovely Michelle. (I often think Michelle Obama would do a much better job of advertising the M&S spring collection than Twiggy, who lacks the necessary gravitas.)

Talking of elections, June Walker has asked me to remind you that nominations for chair of the Fitton Preservation Society are now open. After long and careful thought, I have decided not to stand. Public office can be so exhausting.  However, as I said to June, there is every possibility that I might consider taking on the role next year. She was quite overwhelmed. Her eyes filled with tears.

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