Cleanliness is next to Godliness

There is nothing less attractive, I believe, than a furred kettle. You don’t want flakes of limescale floating in a cup of tea. And the sight of  a calcified element glaring back at you like a vengeful gargoyle is almost, to borrow a favourite word from Cardinal Keith O’Brien, grotesque. As with all household tasks, regular maintenance is key. The cleaning of Venetian blinds, for example, is often overlooked. I once attempted to peep through the slats in Amanda’s house and ended up choking on a fine shower of dust.

May I take this opportunity to remind local residents that additional cleaners at St Jude’s are always welcome. Volunteers tell me that the work is very rewarding (although the brass eagle on the pulpit can be rather fiddly). For further details, contact Serena in the parish office.

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