Bye, bye, Bruni

So goodness me, France has a new president. François Hollande, who’s 57 and a socialist, swept to victory with 52% of the vote. My thoughts immediately turned to Carla Bruni, the wife of the now ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy. What is she feeling now? There she was, the first lady of France, always at Sarkozy’s side: now she’s looking at her flat heels thinking, what was it all for? Madame Hollande, aka Valérie Trierweiler, is a journalist for Paris Match. The new first lady says she buys her clothes at supermarkets and spends time searching for socks under her sons’ beds. I think we might get on very well. Although my latest search under Robin’s mattress produced nothing more than a wizened apple core and a letter from St Jude’s about nits.

Why we should all stop having babies

Oh dear. Either we need to stop having children, or we have to stop consuming so much, says a report today by the Royal Society. Otherwise it’s going to feel like Christmas Eve in Sainsbury’s the whole year round. There are 7 billion of us in the world at the moment, all of us busily pillaging the world’s resources. By 2050, the figure will be over 9 million. Apparently, the earth can cope with that sort of number if we cut down on 4x4s, patio heaters and mangetout from Kenya. But none of us seems to want to. Personally, I am more than happy to go back to the days of saving electricity and hoarding small bits of string. But I am doubtful of gaining Fitton’s wholehearted support.
If anyone is minded to set up an entirely local ‘Save the World’ group, please do email me. I am usually available at very short notice to give advice on committee structure and agendas.

Do you care about
US politics?

Does anyone in Britain care about the US elections? I only ask because Radio 4’s Today programme has subjected me yet again to coverage of the ‘primaries’. I said to Berta, ‘Do you care about the President of the USA?’, and she said, ‘Who?’, but then she’s Polish, so I’m not sure that proves anything. The world would, of course, be a different place without Barack Obama (or BO, as he signs the tweets he’s written himself). But I would suggest that the grabber of column inches is usually his wife, the lovely Michelle. (I often think Michelle Obama would do a much better job of advertising the M&S spring collection than Twiggy, who lacks the necessary gravitas.)

Talking of elections, June Walker has asked me to remind you that nominations for chair of the Fitton Preservation Society are now open. After long and careful thought, I have decided not to stand. Public office can be so exhausting.  However, as I said to June, there is every possibility that I might consider taking on the role next year. She was quite overwhelmed. Her eyes filled with tears.


How amazing that Twitter allows you to receive tweets from Barack Obama! (Although I’m slightly less blown away by the fact that tweets from the President himself are signed BO.) Michelle Obama (more felicitously shorted to MO) also tweets  and recently sent her best wishes for a happy President’s Day to her husband. Does Samantha tweet David? Does Kate tweet William? Those in the public eye are, it seems, a chorus of twittering lovebirds. Billing and cooing might make its way to Fitton at some point, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.