Why Rachel Khoo might need Febreze

I don’t watch a lot of television, but happened to see Rachel Khoo on BBC2 last night. She’s a Croydon girl living in a minuscule bedsit in Paris. Quite apart from the anxiety of wondering how 1950s cocktail dresses could possibly survive in a galley kitchen, I was also appalled at the idea of cooking in the same room as the one in which you sleep. No amount of air freshener could possibly dispel the lingering odours of coq au vin.

In my kitchen, when I microwave a fish-based ready meal, I fling open all the windows. Rachel Khoo didn’t seem to have that luxury. She must wake in the morning with her shiny brown fringe smelling faintly of garlic.

How clean is my house

‘You can be highly intelligent, and also ditzy and klutzy,’ says Sophie Kinsella, author of the Shopaholic books in a recent Guardian interview.

You can also be highly intelligent and extremely clean. It’s not fashionable to admit to finding pleasure in shiny taps, a sparkling oven and a moss-free path. We’re all meant to be slummy mummies these days. But I buy bleach, Pledge and Limelite with pride. Celebrities often admit to being clean. So why can’t we?