Overdoing it

Berta has stomach ache. Personally, I think ten pancakes in one sitting is too much for anybody, and her digestive system may simply be suffering from the equivalent of a hangover. But I would be grateful for any pain-relieving suggestions. Is it fennel seeds? Or grated root ginger? Or should I throw caution to the winds and buy a bottle of whisky?

Fat chance

The reason it’s so hard to lose weight, according to a recent article in the Guardian newspaper, is that after the first heady rush of flesh-melting your metabolism slows down.  So you dutifully turn your nose up at chocolate cake and triple cheese pizza but it makes no difference at all. This is extraordinarily depressing. It is never good to feel you have lost control. This morning I walked into the kitchen as Berta was tucking in to a dinnerplate-sized portion of thickly buttered toast and wanted to suggest, in a sisterly fashion, that a little more restraint might be wise. But I realised, in the wake of this new research, that I hadn’t a leg to stand on.

Posture, as anyone who finds a disconcerting ‘pull’ on seams in the stomach area will know, is absolutely vital. A straight spine and a sharp intake of breath can make you look five pounds thinner.

(photo Michelle Meiklejohn)