Bye, bye, Bruni

So goodness me, France has a new president. François Hollande, who’s 57 and a socialist, swept to victory with 52% of the vote. My thoughts immediately turned to Carla Bruni, the wife of the now ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy. What is she feeling now? There she was, the first lady of France, always at Sarkozy’s side: now she’s looking at her flat heels thinking, what was it all for? Madame Hollande, aka Valérie Trierweiler, is a journalist for Paris Match. The new first lady says she buys her clothes at supermarkets and spends time searching for socks under her sons’ beds. I think we might get on very well. Although my latest search under Robin’s mattress produced nothing more than a wizened apple core and a letter from St Jude’s about nits.

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