Bridget Jones big pants

M&S is launching new ‘Flatter Me’ control pants, I read in today’s Daily Mail newspaper. They have a stomach-shaping control panel and are less alarming than Bridget Jones big pants.

I can, of course, understand the temptation to wear girdle-like underwear. But M&S might be wise to remind its customers that nothing shapes the stomach more quickly than willpower.  If, for example, you really want to lose half a stone in time for your daughter’s wedding in August, because you’ve already bought the pale pink linen suit in a size 14 and it was in the sale so you can’t take it back (and I think we all know who I mean), it’s a very bad idea to skulk in the churchyard under the weeping willow eating a large bar of Cadbury’s milk. Think salad. It’s the only way. And I recommend signing up for ‘Bums and Tums’ in the church hall on Wednesdays.

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