Borrow a garden

A reminder of events in the village for the second half of February, taken from the Fitton Village Newsletter (produced on behalf of Fitton Parish Council).  

Sharon Hough has asked me to remind readers of this website of the inaugural meeting of “Lend a Plot”, which aims to match up those who have large gardens but no time to cultivate them with spade-wielders keen to grow potatoes, leeks, runner beans, etc. (I am presuming that this is in response to ever-mounting food bills, but it may also be a ‘green’ initiative fuelled by the public agenda for ‘sustainability’.) I understand that those who ‘lend’ all or part of their gardens will be invited to share in the resulting produce, which might be nice for Sunday lunch.

Personally, I have always been too busy to devote much time to growing, buying or cooking fresh vegetables. (Or even fruit. I have never, for example, longed to nurture a whortleberry.) There is, as Urmila has taught me, a limit to how much you can pack into any one day.


Event Date Time Location Details
Parish Council Meeting Thursday 16 February 7.30pm Parish hall All residents welcome
Parish Council surgery Saturday 18 February 10am – 11am Parish hall Open to all
Fitton Recyclers Monday 20 February 7.30pm 24 Morton’s  Orchard, Home Farm Way Recycling printer cartridges for the St Jude’s Restoration Fund
Table top sale by St Jude’s PTA Saturday 25 February 2pm – 4pm St Jude’s primary school Tea and coffee available
WI 3rd Tuesday monthly 7.30pm Parish hall “Patchwork quilts: needlework as history”
The Friday Club (Young Mothers) Every Thursday 10am Parish hall Tea, coffee, orange squash and biscuits available
“Lend a Plot” Friday 24 February 7.30pm 31 Gelatley Road Sharing gardens for vegetable-growing
Fitton in Bloom Sunday 26 February 2pm – 4pm Parish hall Plans for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee
Hair Open Day Sunday 26 February 10am – 6pm Hair salon, the high street Free makeovers  and “nail art”


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