About me

Fiona Harmsworth is the former chair of the PTA at St Jude’s primary school in the historic village of Fitton. Before she had her son, Robin, she worked in marketing (strategy and brand development) for a major UK pharmaceutical company. Fiona is currently a leading light in the community of Fitton and a strong supporter of the Fitton Preservation Society.

It was during her year as chair of St Jude’s PTA that Fiona was introduced to ‘social media’, and in particular texting and Twitter. Initially she was doubtful about the value of ‘tweeting’, but she now believes that distilling complex thoughts into 140 characters is a useful, and on occasion entertaining, discipline.

Here is a gallery of photographs you may find interesting. The picture of Fiona’s parents’ wedding day in Tunbridge Wells in 1965 is, unfortunately, slightly blurred (the photographer over-exposed), but I believe you can just make out David’s features in the action shot where he is launching himself across a river on a zip wire. More photographs will be added as time permits. You will obviously be anxious for more recent shots of Robin.


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