A very large age gap

The BBC’s political editor Nick Robinson (who looks so like the late Eric Morecambe) reports that Nigel Lawson burst out singing at his 80th birthday celebrations.

How lovely that must have been.

Perhaps, as an ex-Chancellor, Lawson felt relieved that he wouldn’t have to deliver the Budget on Wednesday. Perhaps he thought again about his daughter’s extreme wealth. Or perhaps he was tempted to share his joy. 

The Mail on Sunday this week reported that the 80-year-old is in the thick of a new romance with Tina Jennings, 43  – which is, as the paper helpfully pointed out,  a 37-year age gap.

That made me stop and think. It would be the same as me going out with a four-year-old.

What, apart from a love of chocolate, would we possibly have in common?

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