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Why J. K. Rowling
should stop

I was listening to J. K. Rowling on Radio 4 this morning. She was talking about her new book  –  a book for adults. She didn’t have to write it, she said. She had nothing to prove. And she didn’t need the money  –  the profits from Harry Potter mean that she never has to […]

To smack or not to smack

Oh, for a moment there I was tempted! So tempted! This must be how the head of PR for the Church of Scientology feels about Katie Holmes, how Andrew Tyrie felt about the evasive Bob Diamond, how the Staffordshire police felt about the man on a Megabus with the fake cigarette. For a moment, I […]

PM leaves daughter
in the pub

The Prime Minister and his wife Samantha recently left their eight-year-old daughter Nancy behind in the pub. They realised their mistake when they got back to Chequers. On the surface, this seems to be a shocking example of parental neglect. How could you possibly leave your child behind as you stagger home after lunchtime drinks? […]

The King of Bahrain, Rebekah Brooks,
and me

If you’re in the public eye, you have to be very careful who you choose as your friends. Our Queen is currently being castigated for inviting the King of Bahrain to her Jubilee lunch. David Cameron is criticised for being too close to Rebekah Brooks and for having snubbed François Hollande. Personally, I try to […]

How to be a calm parent

I have just been listening to Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, and heard Noël Janis-Norton talk about her new book Calmer Easier Happier Parenting. One of her strategies is to praise children when they actually do what you’ve asked them to do. So if your small boy keeps shouting, and you’d much rather he didn’t, you […]